UCC Article 9: What You Need to Know, Part 5

Clint M. Hanni April 2018 UCC Financing Statements Once the loan documents have been signed, it is imperative from the lender’s point of view that a UCC financing statement be filed in the proper location to “perfect” its interest in the collateral. This is a routine task that is easy to overlook in the rush […]

Law Is Stranger Than Fiction | Episode 12 Big Brother

good afternoon and welcome to today’s 00:08 episode of law is stranger than fiction 00:10 I’m one of your co-hosts Barry shoal 00:12 I’m your other co-host Steven Bergman we 00:15 are shareholders in the Salt Lake City 00:16 law firm of Richards brandt miller 00:18 nelson in today’s episode of law is 00:20 stranger […]

UCC Article 9: What You Need to Know, Part 4

Clint M. Hanni April 2018 Security Agreements – For Debtors Let’s say that you have approached a bank about getting a loan for working capital purposes. You have inventory and accounts receivable to offer as collateral to secure the loan. After agreeing to basic terms, the bank sends you a loan agreement, a promissory note […]

UCC Article 9: What You Need to Know, Part 3

Clint M. Hanni March 2018 Security Agreements – For Lenders Security agreements lie at the heart of loan transactions. If you are a lender, the security agreement is the document that insures you will be repaid. Security agreements are most often stand-alone documents, but they don’t have to be. Language creating a security interest can […]

Law Is Stranger Than Fiction | Episode 11 Fatberg

Steven: Good Afternoon, my name is Steven Bergman Barry: And my name is Barry Scholl. Steven: We are shareholders at the law firm of Richards Brant Miller Nelson in Salt Lake City and this is another episode of Law is Stranger Than Fiction. Barry: In today’s episode we’re gonna talk about what is lurking under […]

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