“Barry Scholl has been an invaluable asset to our development and property management teams over the years. He has quickly learned our mission and philosophy in the affordable housing space. He displays both legal prowess and compassion in the legal field. He lifts the load with his legal experience in most any endeavor. ”

Mary Jane Fine

“As our business operations have grown and evolved Barry has been with us every step of the way.  He has been able to accomplish things that many others in his field told us were not possible.  One of the greatest things about Barry is his wealth of resources within RBMN that enables him to advise us in many different areas of legal practice.  Barry has always been available to field phone calls and emails as needed and has operated with a personal touch that we really appreciate.  His patience and willingness to properly explain issues, and attention for getting things done correctly are among his best qualities.”

Brylan Schultz

“Barry Scholl has been counsel for my high-end fashion and gift shop for a number of years. He has helped us with leases and other contracts, company trademarks and other issues. Barry works hard to understand his clients’ needs and is always happy to answer our questions or to deal with time-sensitive matters. We recommend him highly to fellow business owners.”

“I wasn’t given enough space to write out my full endorsement for Barry Scholl. He’s an integral part of the RMUS team. As a rapidly growing leader in the unmanned systems industry, we need to make decision quickly, yet cautiously… and Barry helps make that happen. Not only does Barry have a Wikipedia size knowledge of Law, he also understands our business strategy. Thanks Barry for being part of our team!”

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